1991 Solar World Congress by S. M. A. Burley, M. Coleman, M. E. Arden

By S. M. A. Burley, M. Coleman, M. E. Arden

The ISES sun international Congress, held in Denver, Colorado in August 1991 attracted over one thousand individuals from approximately 70 international locations, making it the most important solar power occasion of its style on the earth. As a long-lasting list of that congress, 630 papers are released right here in four volumes of complaints. quantity 1 is devoted to solar power, biofuels and renewable assets. quantity 2 includes papers on lively sun and sun warmth. Passive sun, socio-economic and academic facets are thought of in quantity three, and at last the plenary classes, and the Farrington Daniels lecture are released in quantity four. 1991 sun global Congress provides the very newest advances within the usage of other strength assets and know-how.

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