A Streetcar to Subduction and Other Plate Tectonic Trips by by Clyde Wahrhaftig

By Clyde Wahrhaftig

Published by way of the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Special guides Series.

It is tough to be ignorant of the earth in San Francisco. equipped on rocky hills, the town is surrounded on 3 aspects via bay and ocean that may be obvious from approximately in every single place inside it. Precipitous cliffs face town from around the Golden Gate, and the skyline to the north, east, and south is ruled by way of mountains. Occasional tremors from the San Andreas and comparable faults within reach remind us that the earth here's energetic. till lately the rocks so abundantly uncovered in San Francisco baffled geologists. jumbled in with out obvious order and missing seen fossils, they defied rationalization. the speculation of plate tectonics has replaced all that. we have now a proof for the foundation of the rocks of San Francisco, even though it is something yet simple.

Chapter 1 journey 1. A Streetcar to Subduction (pages 10–17):
Chapter 2 journey 2. To castle Mason and Subducted Sandstone (pages 17–19):
Chapter three journey three. Baker's seashore and fortress aspect: a visit to Melange and Serpentine (pages 19–25):
Chapter four journey four. A Sedentary Survey of the constitution of town (With aspect journeys Afoot) (pages 25–38):
Chapter five journey five. Marin Headlands: Pillow Basalt and Chert (pages 38–45):
Chapter 6 journey 6. a ship journey to the Blueschist Facies: Angel Island and the Metamorphosed Franciscan (pages 45–55):
Chapter 7 journey 7. After Subduction is Over: A BART journey to a remodel Fault (pages 55–63):

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The low costof housesand lots enableda large proportion of the artisan classto own their homes. Beginningabout 1900, the taste for elaborate decoration waned, and by 1915, most houseshad relativelysmoothwalls, many coveredwith stuccoor asbestos sheeting,a stylethat has persistedto the present. The only visiblewall on which to expresstasteand affluencewasthe front elevation (the wealthy,of course,could consolidatemany lots to make room for detached villas and mansions). Sometimes,a fake mansardroof fragment, calleda "French cap," wasadded.

S. S. Coastand GeodeticSurvey nauticalcharts may be purchased. On the left, beyond Broadway, are the steep cliffs of Telegraph Hill (TH), the outcropping edge of a tween 23rd and 20th, it crossesthe west edge ()t' the site of a steepserpentinehill that wasleveledfor a factory district, and at 20th, ()n the left, bet•ind a bank building, outcropsand bouldersof serpentine landscapea parking l()t. The red factorybuildings on the right were ['ormerlythe American (;an Com- onto Colunibus numbered streets, from 26th down t() 16•h.

The rocks crossed are the same as those beneath California Street, with the same wealth of exposures. Board the No. 6 bus on the north side of Market West of Van Ness, beside the Metro entrance. No. Beyond Baker, Buena Vista Park is to the south. The flower children attracteddrug pushers and other predatorsin the 1970's,and the vibes turned bad. The district is now being revitalized as a healthy and interestingshoppingarea. No. 6 turns left on Masonic, past some of the most interesting Queen Anne housesin the city (on the left), jogs on Frederick and Clayton to Parnassus,and at the east end of the University of California Medical Center it passesa chert outcrop (on the left).

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