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Abstract particulars by Keith Campbell

By Keith Campbell

Many philosophers have held, explicitly or implicitly, accomplished survey of the world's components would come with the "cases" of characteristics and kin which happen at specific areas and occasions. it isn't so universal to verify that such instances are themselves details of their personal correct, instead of deriving their particularity from their organization with a substance. during this examine the writer contends that houses could be details and proposes a primary philosophy which acknowledges such specific houses, or tropes, because the sole basic type. He deals a brand new model of the Resemblance solution of the issues of the Universals, and likewise argues for theses approximately family members (Foundationism) and the elemental actual homes (field thought) that are congenial to a trope philosophy, yet are in huge degree self sufficient of it, having advantages regardless of the reality approximately homes quite often. the ultimate bankruptcy issues to the strengths of a trope research for the philosophy of the brain and of social phenpmena.

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B: I, 129. Comment Column 37: Also subincision. Dieri (Id4). L: 28S, 138E. T: 1900. B: I, 398. Comment Column 37: And sub- — sequendy also subincision. — Kariera (Ids). L: 21S, 118E. T: 1910. P: 650 in 1865. B: I, 398. Comment Column 22: ImpHcit matrimoieties intersecting the patrimoieties to form four sections. 23/; Southeast Australia Wongaibon (Id9). L: 32S, 146E. T: 1910. B: New. 2^2: Tasmania Tasmanians (Id8). L: 42S, 146E. T: 1830. P: Extinct since 1876, originally about Column 12: Marriage by capture was common; 2,000.

B: III, 115. Chimariko (Nbss). L: 41N, X23W. T: i860. P: 250 in 1849. B: III, 115. Com- — ment Column 48: Log rafts Hupa (Nb35). L: 41N, 123W. T: only. i860. P: 640 in 1870. B: III, 115. Karok (Nb34). L: 42N, 123W. T: i860. P: 600 in 1905. B: III, 115. Wiyot (Nb36). L: 40N, 124W. T: i860. P: 800 in 1853. B: III, Column 27: But H for second cousins. Others: Lassik (Nb37), Mattole (Nb38), Takelma (Nbso). 2^: 115. Comment- Northeast California Atsugewi (Nc4). L: 41N, 121W. T: i860. B: I, 400. Yana (Ncii), with special reference to the Northern Yana.

L: 36N, 120W. T: 1850. P: 550 in 1910. B: I, 283; III, 206. Miwok (Nc5), with special reference to the Central Sierra group. L: 38N, 120W. T: 1850. B: I, 400; III, 206. Wukchumni (NC25). L: 36N, 119W. T: i860. B: III, 209. Lake Yokuts (NC24), with special reference to the Chunut and Tachi. L: 36N, 120W. T: i860. B: III, 209. Comment Column 27: After Giflord, but Gayton reports H for all Yokuts. Others: Lake Miwok (Nc2i), Salinan (Nc26). ^00: Kern River Tubatulabal (Nc2). L: 36N, 118W. T: 1850. P: 145 in 1932.

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