Active Volcanoes of Chiapas (Mexico): El Chichón and Tacaná

This e-book summarizes the reports performed at of the main lively volcanoes of Chiapas (Mexico): El Chichón and Tacaná. El Chichón erupted explosively in 1982 killing greater than 2000 humans being the worst volcanic catastrophe in Mexico, and Tacaná produced gentle phreatic explosions in 1950 and 1986. simply after those explosions a surge of recent stories started to unreveal their volcanic historical past and effect.

This booklet offers the state-of-the-art advances in themes on the topic of the geologic atmosphere of the 2 volcanoes, their eruptive heritage and composition of erupted items, the hydrothermal structures and their manifestations. Volcanic risks and dangers and attainable mitigation plans are mentioned according to the adventure of the catastrophic eruption of El Chichón that happened in 1982. The ebook also will comprise formerly unpublished fabric at the flowers and the fauna of the quarter and archaeological and social features of the world that's inhabited by means of indigenous humans.

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Petrographic descriptions combined with whole-rock chemical analyses of sixty samples, belonging to Chichuj, Tacaná, and San Antonio edifices, including a mafic enclave hosted in andesitic lava from San Antonio volcano were published by Mora et al. (2004). The authors obtained similar compositions (56–64 wt% SiO2) as Macías et al. (2000) for the entire volcanic complex. A geological map of the TVC area, and the individuation of four volcanic edifices of the TVC was published by GarcíaPalomo et al.

In this light, the genesis of the CVA could be related to the ESE movement of the Southern Mexico Block relative to North America (Andreani et al. 2008). L. Arce et al. data, magma genesis seems more clearly associated with subduction of the Cocos Plate considering that Tacaná volcanic rocks have distinct Nb, Ta, and Ti anomalies (Arce et al. 2014). The Nb and Ta anomalies seem to be related to fluids from the subducted plate (Wood et al. 1979), because released fluids from the slab contribute to the enrichment of “lithophile” elements in the magmas produced in convergent zones.

6 a–e Representative cross-polarized microphotographs of Tacaná lava flow samples showing common porphyritic textures, and mineral assemblages (after Arce et al. 2014). Amph amphibole; Plg plagioclase; Ol olivine; Ox Fe-Ti oxides. Notice the different textures in plagioclase and amphibole phenocrysts. 5 mm f Cross-polarized microphotograph of the Sibinal Pumice deposit, showing euhedral and zoned plagioclase phenocrysts. Plg plagioclase; Amph amphibole; Cpx clinopyroxene (after Arce et al. 2012) 2 Petrology and Geochemistry … Plagioclase is the most abundant mineral phase in all pumice samples, often with complex zonation (Mora et al.

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