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An introduction to drip irrigation systems by Ajai Singh

By Ajai Singh

Drip Irrigation procedure is now a longtime approach to irrigation in water scarce parts however it can also be gaining value in water considerable parts. during this expertise, the cropped box is irrigated within the shut area of root area of crop. It reduces water loss taking place via evaporation, conveyance and distribution. accordingly excessive water use potency should be accomplished.

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8). 3. Filter characteristics and evaluation The field evaluation of drip irrigation system includes a determination of filtration efficiency and pressure differential across the filter. The effectiveness of the filtration system can also be indirectly assessed by evaluating the degree of emitter plugging. The filtration efficiency (Fr) of a filtration system is estimated by the following formula where, Sout = the concentration of suspended solids (mg/l) in filter outlet, and Sin = the concentration of suspended solids (mg/l) in filter inlet.

In a banana orchard, emitters of 4 lph discharge capacity are operating. 2 m. Saturated hydraulic conductivity of the soil is 30 mm/h. Find the width of the wetted soil volume. Solution. 2 m. It will be taken as vertical depth of wetting front. So it is Z. 60 = Mohammed (2010) developed a simple empirical model to determine the wetting pattern geometry from surface point source drip irrigation system. The wetted soil volume was assumed to depend on the saturated hydraulic conductivity, volume of water applied, average change of moisture content and the emitter application rate.

There are no moving parts and hence prolong its working life. The system is simple in operation and involves no extra cost. COMPONENTS OF DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEMS 31 In injection pump method, the fertilizer solution is injected by means of an injection pump (Fig. ). A pump can be driven by electric motor, diesel engine, or hydraulically operated by the water pressure of the irrigation system. The hydraulic pump is versatile, reliable and has low operation and maintenance expenses. A pump must develop a pressure greater than that of in irrigation pipeline.

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