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An Introduction to the Comparative Phonetics of English and by Marc Picard

By Marc Picard

This textbook is designed to fill simple wishes. One is for a transparent and simple presentation of the rudiments of articulatory phonetics that's geared in particular to the necessities of the (future) language instructor, and never completely to the coed of linguistics, and during which the fundamental options and terminology are brought through English instead of a number of languages. a good better desire, maybe, and one who has long past unfulfilled for too lengthy, is for an easy yet kind of entire assessment of the phonetic stock of North American French.

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Each of these abstract sound units or phonemes /p t k/, then, has three positional variants or allophones in English, to wit: As we have just seen, these allophones are in complementary distribu­ tion since it is entirely predictable in what environment(s) each one can be found. Without going over all the details, we can state as a general rule that aspirated stops always appear in the onset of a syllable, especially if it is stressed, while unreleased stops are always found in the coda, which is the weakest part of the syllable.

Hap pear bear /ear dare care hang Ha/    ham  hatch has hash have hath ha/ had hacfc hag half // /e/ car gar far cur  were   / jar myrrhi mar  her sir czar par bar /ar purr burr Air // //  is for an environment where a segment cannot occur, is for one where it happens not to occur. we ye gee! me knee  lea 111 /h/ Ici /§/ /z/ thee see Z she  he ff»p rig riff babe bai/ bade bake rip rib wri/ rid Rick pea be tea D key 1 /s/ /e/ /v/ /f/ /R/ /p/ 1 /t/ 161 /k/ /e/ /I/ /i/ Table 10.

2 Because these kinds of modifications are effected unwittingly, automatically and without semantic consequence, native speakers are usu­ ally unaware of them. Any anglophone would probably be adamant, for instance, that the italicized segments in each of the pairs pill/spill, fill/sfill and kill/skill are both pronounced exactly the same. Yet there is a very real systematic phonetic difference between the first and second member of each pair. In the production of voiceless stops like those at the beginning of pill, fill, kill, there is an audible puff of air which results from the relatively long delay between the release of the air pres­ sure, which has built up during the stop closure, and the voicing of the fol- IV /m/ In/ * III // /w/ // // ring rill     rich ridge rim " bail    bane beige  bathe base  /air rare wear mare share  hair chair there farp.

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