Analytical Solutions of Geohydrological Problems by G.A. Bruggeman

By G.A. Bruggeman

This booklet has been divided into elements, A and B. half A includes analytical suggestions of approximately 1100 geohydrological difficulties within the saturated region. category of the issues in accordance with definite characteristics.Part B contains 3 chapters, describing the elemental ideas for saturated floor water move, analytical resolution equipment and mathematical capabilities respectively.

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Go to 128 In general, periodic functions occur in the form of sine- or cosine functions, for instance seasonal fluctuations of the precipitation or tidal fluctuations of surface water. Groundwater flow that more or less depends on such periodic fluctuations is referred to as periodic flow. This kind of groundwater flow can be solved in a particular manner and therefore will be treated separately. If a boundary condition contains a general function of the time it sometimes is useful to develop the function in a Fourier series (if possible) and derive the solution of the problem from a more simple periodic function.

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