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Anarchism and Moral Philosophy by Benjamin Franks

By Benjamin Franks

Anarchism and ethical Philosophy [ Anarchism and ethical Philosophy through Franks, Benjamin ( writer ) Hardcover Jan- 2011 ] Hardcover Jan- 15- 2011

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Sanders and J. Narveson (eds) For and Against the State: New Philosophical Readings (Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield). ——— (1999) ‘Justification and legitimacy’, Ethics, CIX, 739–71. R. P. Wolff (1969) ‘On violence’, Journal of Philosophy, LXVI, 601–16. ——— (1976) In Defence of Anarchism (New York: Harper Torchbooks). V. S. Yarros (1936) ‘Philosophical anarchism: Its rise, decline, and eclipse’, The American Journal of Sociology, XLI, 470–83. com - licensed to Taiwan eBook Consortium - PalgraveConnect - 2011-03-02 32 Kicking Against the Pricks: Anarchist Perfectionism and the Conditions of Independence Samuel Clark The distinguished moral philosopher Philippa Foot begins her recent book Natural Goodness with the following story: Wittgenstein [in an Oxford philosophy seminar, probably in the 1940s] interrupted a speaker who had realised that he was about to say something that, although it seemed compelling, was clearly ridiculous, and was trying (as we all do in such circumstances) to say something sensible instead.

Meltzer (2000) Anarchism: Arguments For and Against (Edinburgh: AK Press). D. Miller (1984) Anarchism (London: Dent). W. O. Reichert (1967) ‘Toward a new understanding of anarchism’, The Western Political Quarterly, XX, 856–65. A. Ritter (1980) Anarchism: A Theoretical Analysis (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press). -J. Rousseau (1986) The Social Contract and Discourses, ed. G. D. H. Cole (London: Everyman). A. J. Simmons (1987) ‘The anarchist position: A reply to Klosko and Senor’, Philosophy and Public Affairs, XVI, 269–79.

Neill, 1968; Ward, 1973). We could build an account of gradual human flourishing, including the development of independence, which recognises our nature as creatures who need to practise using our capacities, and which directs that account to promoting our flourishing. That possibility, speculative though it is, is perhaps worth the disappointing failure of the too-simple anarchist perfectionism with which I began. Bibliography Aristotle (1999) Nicomachean Ethics, 2nd edn (Indianapolis: Hackett).

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