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Applying Wittgenstein by Rupert Read, Laura Cook

By Rupert Read, Laura Cook

A key improvement in Wittgenstein experiences over contemporary years has been the development of a resolutely healing examining of the Tractatus. Rupert learn bargains the 1st prolonged program of this interpreting of Wittgenstein, encompassing Wittgenstein's later paintings too, to ascertain the results of Wittgenstein's paintings as a complete upon the domain names in particular of literature, psychopathology, and time. learn starts off via employing Wittgenstein's comments on desiring to language, analyzing the implications our notion of philosophy has for the ways that we speak about that means. He is going directly to interact with literary texts as Wittgensteinian, the place 'Wittgensteinian' doesn't suggest expressive of a Wittgenstein philosophy, yet comprises the literature in query last enigmatic, and doing philosophical paintings of its personal. He considers Faulkner's paintings as effective too of a extensively Wittgensteinian philosophy of psychopathology. learn then turns to philosophical debts of time, discovering a hyperlink among the department of time into discrete moments and solipsism of the current second as depicted in philosophy at the one hand and psychopathological states at the different. this significant ebook positions itself on the leading edge of a innovative flow in Wittgenstein stories and philosophy normally and gives a brand new and dynamic method of utilizing Wittgenstein's works.

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Having asked of the "preparatory" act of "naming", "but what is it a preparation fort", Wittgenstein several sections later at last answers, "naming is a preparation for description" (P/49). And the most obvious examples for an investigation of how meaningful language works would perhaps seem to be such descriptions: empirical observations of facts. But it is both odd and important, I think - and I think that Wittgenstein's philosophical development after his return to Cambridge centrally involved an ever-increasing estimation of this importance - that this mode of expression is not so obviously amenable to the criterion of "consequentialness" as certain other modes.

I am looking, then, for a sense of meaningfiilness, of "use", which is immanent to language-in-action, to language interwoven with non-linguistic action and with the world, but not, in either case - and this is crucial - as any kind of outside to that language. One may begin to understand what this operation that we are looking for must be by insisting again upon Wittgenstein's phrasing: "'descriptions' are instruments for particular uses", rather than "in particular uses". A meaning- Language 21 ful description is thus one that has the capacity for some particular use; and this particular capacity must somehow have been achieved just in the development of the description itself.

C. 55 Even the Pragmatist version - which appears to allow, indeed to pride itself on, conceptual change, and thus might appear to be of a piece with the Wittgensteinian approach that I have - remains Tositivistic' at heart. For the change is conceived of as a change in something definite and quasi-scientically theorizable. 56 Whereas I have intimated that even the very idea of "languagpgame" ought to be recognized as itself an idealization, as itself a transitional move needing to be overcome, and therefore the term "language-game" as, if a quasi-technical term, then one which Wittgenstein hopes his readers will be able to lay aside, to be silent about, eventually.

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