Argument Types and Fallacies in Legal Argumentation by Thomas Bustamante, Christian Dahlman

By Thomas Bustamante, Christian Dahlman

This ebook presents theoretical instruments for comparing the stability of arguments within the context of felony argumentation. It bargains with a couple of basic argument forms and their specific use in criminal argumentation. It presents targeted analyses of argument from authority, argument advert hominem, argument from lack of understanding, slippery slope argument and different common argument varieties. every one of those argument forms can be utilized to build arguments which are sound in addition to arguments which are unsound. to guage a controversy effectively one has to be capable of distinguish the sound situations of a undeniable argument variety from its unsound cases. This e-book promotes the advance of theoretical instruments for this activity.

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Ubel found that while 15 % of the tactics that female respondents reported were classified as Reference Gender, no males reported their gender being referenced in order to lessen their credibility. Further, no one mentioned using this tactic against another attorney (Ubel 2008, p. 49). This study did have its limitations, however. While the gender breakdown of respondents was similar to that of Kansas attorneys, the study was obviously geographically constrained and self-reported. Further, the extent to which these tactics were successful was impossible to measure.

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