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ASHRAE Guideline 4-2008 Preparation of Operating and by ASHRAE


ASHRAE guide 4-2008 (RA 2013) covers the layout, content material, supply, and updating of working and upkeep (O&M) documentation for development HVAC&R structures.

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The model should be - completely nonlinear, including advective terms carefully treated in the finite difference scheme adopted, - applied with the highest possible space resolution, - driven along time in such a way that the nonlinear interactions between main tidal constituents will be correctly reproduced, - using improved bottom friction laws and turbulence coefficients. Work on such a model had been initiated by the authors in collaborative effort with Dr. A. Stronach. The three-dimensional model under development is an adaptation of an 8level barocline model developed earlier for the system consisting of the Strait of Georgia, Juan de Fuca Strait and Puget Sound.

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