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Between Necessity and Probability: Searching for the by Radu Popa

By Radu Popa

This learn investigates the most important theories of the origins of existence in gentle of contemporary learn with the purpose of distinguishing among the mandatory and the non-compulsory and among deterministic and random impacts within the emergence of what we name ?life.? existence is taken care of as a cosmic phenomenon whose emergence and driver can be considered independently from its Earth-bound typical background. the writer synthesizes the entire basic life-related advancements in a finished situation, and makes the argument that realizing existence in its broadest context calls for a material-independent standpoint that identifies its crucial fingerprints.

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Changes in the equilibrium point of a reaction), other important features of life were not yet present. Step 5. During the next stage of prebiotic evolution, a variety of molecular additions resulted in increased stability of the primordial vesicles, which allowed them to withstand a wider range of physico-chemical stresses. Waterinsoluble surfactant precursors binding to the surface of micelles or vesicles may result in more complex systems (Luisi 2002). Peptides rich in helix motifs and large hydrophobic components analogous to terpenoids, kerogens or sterols could have contributed to early membranes.

Although simple catalysts are thermodynamically more reliable, their catalytic performances are somewhat limited while their substrate specificity is rather low. Early life forms exclusively using such catalysts could not have reached satisfactory efficiency while competing with external processes. One must assume that during the early stages of life (the beginning of sequences 1 and 2 in Fig. 2), catalysis was used solely as a means to speed up sluggish external reactions and to provide direction to internal processes, whilst it would have done little to outcompete the environment.

One may speculate that ΘE represents “the extra energy price for being alive”. 1 Energy-Related Phase Transitions Toward Life 23 If reflexive activity is described as a self-renovation process (E+) (Kompanichenko 2002) and the result of the energetic effect of the destruction process is (E−), a living organism must display a positive balance (E+ > E−) for a sustainable development. Although the primordial need for reflexive activity seems obvious, it is difficult to pinpoint the earliest reflexive activity mechanism used during the emergence of the terrestrial type of life, because the exact environmental conditions on Earth 4 Gyr ago are difficult to ascertain.

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