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Bilingualism and the individual by Anne Holmen

By Anne Holmen

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Translating and Interpreting Conflict.

The connection among translation and clash is very suitable in modern day globalised and fragmented international, and this is often attracting elevated educational curiosity. This number of essays was once encouraged via the 1st foreign convention to at once handle the translator and interpreter s involvement in events of army and ideological clash, and its illustration in fiction.

Maori (Descriptive Grammars)

This booklet offers a uniquely entire linguistic description of Maori, the East Polynesian language of the indigenous humans of latest Zealand. this day the language is below hazard and it kind of feels most probably that the Maori of the long run will vary relatively significantly from the Maori of the earlier. With few inflections Maori is instantly approached via linguists.

Varieties of English in Writing: The Written Word as Linguistic Evidence

This quantity is anxious with assessing fictional and non-fictional written texts as linguistic facts for previous varieties of sorts of English. those variety from Scotland to New Zealand, from Canada to South Africa, masking all of the significant kinds of the English language around the globe. significant to the quantity is the query of ways real written representations are.

The Art of Dialectic between Dialogue and Rhetoric: The Aristotelian Tradition

This ebook reconstructs the culture of dialectic from Aristotle's issues, its founding textual content, as much as its "renaissance" in sixteenth century Italy, and specializes in the position of dialectic within the creation of data. Aristotle defines dialectic as a based trade of questions and solutions and therefore hyperlinks it to discussion and disputation, whereas Cicero develops a mildly skeptical model of dialectic, identifies it with reasoning in utramque partem and connects it heavily to rhetoric.

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Of these, four vary seemingly in the direction of monolinguals modifying their speech more. These variables are the following: 1. the number of full verbal groups/utterance, 2. the distribution of surface sentence types, 3. the number of attention-getting devices, 4. the number of vocatives, 5. use of non-immediate reference. The first two variables, however, differ significantly between monolingual and bilingual native talk (NT) as well as between monolingual and bilingual foreigner talk (FT).

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