Black Theology as Mass Movement by Charles Lattimore Howard (auth.)

By Charles Lattimore Howard (auth.)

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Black religious scholar, Anthony Pinn’s groundbreaking text Noise and Spirit: The Religious and Spiritual Sensibilities of Rap Music19 demonstrates that broad range of religious and spiritual expressions within rap music as does the powerful work Religion and Hip Hop by Monica Miller, which helps to progress the conversation to the next stage. Pinn’s project, while not being the first book to explore the intersection between rap and spirituality, was the first by a Black religious scholar that incorporated several different faith traditions.

There can be not separation of the problems of racism from the problems of our economic, political, and cultural degradation. To any Black man, this is clear. 16 It is understandable why this document enraged and terrified some people especially with many remembering the days of the “Red Scare” and in the midst of the struggle with the Soviet Union around Vietnam, Cuba, and several other places around the world. ” Or “But while we talk of revolution, which will be an armed confrontation and long years of sustained guerrilla warfare inside this country .

They don’t believe what I believe doctrinally either. Yet we unite under the mission of serving the students, faculty and staff of our community. Together we can accomplish so much more than we could as individuals. A united effort to address the stress that our community often wrestles with is far stronger than the individual efforts that we might try. We share resources, ideas, space, and encouragement. The same could most certainly happen within Black liberation theology between Black theologians and religious practitioners of different traditions.

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