Black's Law Dictionary, 3rd Edition by Henry Campbell Black

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Black's legislation dictionary

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Pothier, Oblig. n. 781. See 3 Salk. 298 ; Co. Litt. 212 a, 273 a ; Milliken v. ) 391. A C R OSS. From side to side. Transverse to the length of. Hannibal & St. J. R. Co. v. , 125 U. S. 260, 8 S. Ot. 874, 31 L. Ed. 731 ; but see Appeal of Bennett's Branch Imp. , 65 Pa. 242. It may mean over, Brown v. Meady, 10 Me. 391, 25 Am. Dec. 248 ; or Irupon and along," Mt. Vernon Telephone 00. v. Franklin Farmers' Oo-op. , 92 A. 934, 935, 113 Me. 46, synonymous with "receipt," includes it. A receipt Ann. Cas.

And the same rule has been an­ More recently, a broader application of the nounced elsewhere. State v. Lyons, 175 N. W. doctrine has been made, where one promise­ 689, 691, 144 Minn. 348 ; People v. Sapp, 118 or agreement is set up in satisfaction of an­ N. E. 416, 421, 282 Ill. 51 ; State v. Seward other. The rule is that an agreement or prom­ (Mo. ) 247 s. W. 150, 154. ise of the saDie grade will not be held to be in A feigned accomplice has been defined as one satisfaction of a prior one, unless it has 'been who co-operates with view of aiding justice expressly accepted as sucp.

80, 255 P. 996, 997, 57 A. L. R. 196 ; Griggs-Paxton Shoe Co. v. A. , 131 S. E. 620, 624, 133 S. C. 458 ; Sabin v. Blake-McFall Co. (C. C. A. ) 223 F. 501, 504 ; Nisbet v. L,awson, 1 Ga. ' Johnston, 72 Ala. 254, 47 Am. Rep. 405 ; McCamant v. Batsell, 59 Tex. 368 ; Pur­ vis v. Kroner, 18 Or. 414, 23 P. 260. An open account can become an account stated only by the debtor's admission of liability, or fail­ ure to deny liability for a reasonable time after receipt of aecount. Brooks v. White, 122 S.

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