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Bones and Joints: 170 Radiological Exercises for Students by Michel Runge

By Michel Runge

Osteoarticular pathology is a truly common cause for session. quite often, the prognosis depends symptomatology, and the physi­ cian calls for confirmatory radiological investigations. regardless of the scientific indication, the translation of radiological information needs to be very rigorous. at the foundation of an entire description of the radiographic pictures, in accordance with a scientific research plan, a definite variety of diagnostic hypotheses should be proposed. choice of the main most probably speculation calls for the correlation of medical, organic, and radiological facts, and will occasionally necessi­ tate extra investigations, akin to tomograms, scintigrams, and computed tomography (CT). 1 half One Iconography three three 1 2 four five five 6 6 7 eight b a eight a nine 10 eleven 12 10 thirteen 14 eleven 15 a b 12 a c thirteen 17 b a c 14 15 c sixteen 17 23 21 a 22 b 18 19 20 21 22 23 33 34 24 25 37 38 26 27 forty- forty three 28 29 forty six 30 forty eight forty seven 31 forty nine 50 32 33 fifty two a b c 34 fifty three a b d c 35 fifty four a b 36 37 fifty five a 38 fifty five b c 39 fifty six fifty seven forty fifty eight forty-one 60 sixty one forty two forty three sixty three sixty four forty four sixty five sixty six forty five sixty seven sixty eight forty six sixty nine a b forty seven 70 seventy one forty eight seventy three forty nine seventy four seventy five 50 seventy six seventy seven fifty one seventy eight seventy nine fifty two eighty a b c fifty three eighty one eighty two fifty four eighty three eighty four fifty five eighty five 86 S6 87 88 fifty seven 89 ninety fifty eight ninety one 92

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