Both Sides of the Border: Transboundary Environmental by Linda Fernandez, Richard T. Carson

By Linda Fernandez, Richard T. Carson

This quantity enhances Shared area: Rethinking the U.S.-Mexico Border atmosphere, edited through Lawrence Herzog and Environmental administration on North America's Borders, edited by means of Richard Kiy and John Wirth. This quantity expands the diversity of concerns addressed in prior volumes in addition to specializes in finished exams of cooperative efforts of the U.S. and Mexico to resolve environmental difficulties. All environmental media are addressed alongside the border: land, air, water, in addition to resources of toxins (transportation, agriculture, strength, commercial construction, city progress, harmful waste iteration) and biodiversity assets (migratory aquatic and terrestrial wooded area and bug species). educational, executive, environmental administration and coverage audiences can enjoy the quantity to handle environmental coverage for borders worldwide as the chapters combine typical technological know-how and social technological know-how idea, analytical tools and knowledge into the world of foreign environmental coverage research.

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11 The obstacle then is getting government officials at all levels to both accept and create incentives for new thinking. Our challenge is to find ways to overcome structural and philosophical obstacles to the solutions. The border region has scientific, economic, and ethical value to both Mexico and the US. Thus a unified effort to address the region’s environmental problems is crucial if we wish to maintain those values. First, the border is scientifically and naturally defined by its watersheds and thus constitutes a unique ecological region.

S. 7% of the median household income (NADBank, 1997b). CNA determines which Mexican projects are eligible for BEIF support by using Mexico's Municipal Poverty Index (NADBank, 1997c). BEIF grants for projects can be used for construction costs to make a project affordable for a community. They can also be used to ease a community's adjustment to higher user fees over time; eventually, however, operation and maintenance costs must be covered by user fees. For projects that qualify for BEIF assistance, NADBank determines the size of the grant for a project using factors such as: the socio-economic characteristics of the area; and the water and sewer utility's current debt burden, other available sources of funding, and ability to assume debt.

1 NAFTA-related environmental concerns also led to a side-agreement creating the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) for handling environmental legal disputes between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In this chapter, we analyze BECC's and NADBank's accomplishments in the area of water and wastewater infrastructure during the period from their initial operation in early 1995 through December 2000. These organizations represent significant components of the two governments’ cooperative attempt to address the environmental problems of the shared border region.

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