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Bridging the Skills Gap between Work and Education by W.J. Nijhof, Jittie Brandsma

By W.J. Nijhof, Jittie Brandsma

This booklet takes up the talk approximately matching vocational schooling with the labour industry and exhibits development by way of theoretical versions, instruments (transformation and matching processes), and studying environments. The strategies, displaying up the necessity for middle or key talents, the need of embedding studying abilities in actual and guided studying environments, exhibits a point of view of analysis and developmen-tal paintings to be validated in colleges and in places of work, to discover greater curricula for a greater skilling.

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2 Scenario Ib: Computer-aided 'humane rationalization' Though at first glance the computer world of tomorrow appears to be characterized by the emaciat ion of personal potential, one can also imagine a humane variant of the technocentric path. According to Andre Gorz (1983, 1980), this would be distinguished by the most extensive possible automation of all suitable tasks, as in the case of scenario la, and even by an acceleration . On the basis of social shaping, however, automation, especially by means of robots, is set up so that the least meaningful tasks are the first to be abolished , even if this increases the economic costs.

In this chapter I point out various biases or distortions that may arise. 3 Delivery systems The second educational debate concerns the appropriate institutional arrangements for providing education. A simple example of this is the choice between ' schoolbased' and 'work-based' learning.

Nnovationen im Spannungsfeld beruflichen und aligemeinen Lernens: Vorstudien [Innovations in the area of tension between occupational and general learning: Pre-study]. Frankfurt. Bojanowski. A.. Dedering, H.. & Heidegger, G. (1983). Entwicklungslinien einer neugestal-teten Jugendbildung [Development of a reformed education for the youth]. In H. ), Ansdt: e und Perspektiven einer neuen Qualitiit von Bildung [First steps and perspectives ofa new quality of education] (pp. 10-74). Frankfurt. Brater, M.

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